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Antonio Ceballos (1977) is a photographer born in Colombia in the city of Santiago de Cali. He is also a graphic designer and audiovisual producer. Antonio studied at the JJ Gaillard Academy of Fine Arts and the Agnès Varda Academy in the city of Brussels, Belgium.    


Antonio has meticulous attention to details in each of his creations. He began his career at the age of 25 as a fashion photographer and also in the advertising industry in Brussels, Belgium, where he has resided for more than 20 years.    


His work explores intentional or unconscious ideas and emotions and transforms them into stirring images to awaken the attention of viewers and interact with these feelings.


Antonio's interaction and imagination are full of originality with an exceptional technical knowledge of photography and lighting, with which he manages to build intuitive creations and deep compositions with a clear vision, always seeking to convert the objective of his camera into art.

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